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Carpet Cleaning Company Our Carpet Cleaning Services in South Beach are the answer to how the carpeting throughout hospitals, doctor’s offices and the like always look clean and new despite the heavy traffic that they endure. Our team utilizes those very same products in our carpeting cleaning services. Those popular sanitizers and cleansers, along with our diligent professional cleaners, help create fresh and sanitary carpets that look, feel and even smell brand new. Many rug cleaning services treat and remove only those problem areas that are ‘visible’ to the naked eye, creating an illusion that the carpet is now ‘clean’ because those particular stains and residues are gone. This is not the practice of All Clean Carpets!

Our team works deep into the carpet’s fiber to thoroughly treat and remove EVERY stain. The special sanitizing and neutralizing solutions, excessive heat exposure, thorough rinsing and post grooming techniques that we use, allows for fresh sanitary results every time. The toughest stains, the tiniest micro particles, dust mites, bacteria, odors and any other potentially toxic remnants in your carpets do not stand a chance against the prominent Carpet Cleaning Services of South Beach that only All Clean Carpets can offer.

All Clean Carpets removes the toughest, nastiest, and deepest stains, and sanitizes the items, removing the tiniest of accumulated micro particles, dust mites, bacteria, odors, residues, and more. We do not just "fix" what is visible to the naked eye. Our sanitizing and neutralizing solutions, along with the extreme heat we use, our rinse, and post grooming, combine to produce nothing but the BEST, CLEANEST, and MOST SANITARY results, returning your items to their original state! Call today for a free quote if that’s what you want and need for your carpets.

All Clean Carpets provides you with the best services every time, and our special sanitizing and neutralizing solutions, along with the extreme heat we use, our rinse, and post grooming, combine to produce the best, and most sanitary results, returning your carpet and items as close to their original state as possible! After our work is completed, you will feel like you have brand new carpets and/or items all over again! In fact, you will most likely join our satisfied, returning customers, and begin referring us to your family and friends! So give us a call today for your FREE quote and for any of your carpet cleaning needs!

Why Choose All Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Care?

We use only the best, most proficient, and most accurate deep cleaning processes and products that are recommended by America's best and largest carpet manufacturers. All Clean Carpets ensures that your job, whatever it may be, gets done the proper way, and that you are satisfied with the services and results! You just cannot go wrong by choosing us for any or all of your carpet cleaning needs!

  • Courteous, professional technicians
  • Trained on the latest carpet cleaning equipment to make sure you are 100% satisfied
  • Convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule - including Saturdays
  • Extra attention paid to trouble spots and heavy traffic areas
  • Truck-mounted equipment, for more powerful extraction and quicker drying
  • Specialized carpet protectors and deodorizers
  • Your carpet is groomed, allowing it to dry faster
  • Carpet protector and deodorizer are distributed evenly
  • FREE carpet and upholstery cleaning estimates
  • No hidden charges

All Clean Carpets Guarantees Full Satisfaction!